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5 Obscure U.S. Hauntings

Believers in the paranormal know that hauntings can occur anywhere. Here are five American ones that are little-known but very creepy.

A Minnesota Ghost

In 1886, little Anna Marie died and was buried on the lonely prairie. Her grieving father placed the tombstone on her grave himself. Anna Marie’s father was always eccentric. After her death, he went insane and was placed in an asylum.

Anna Marie was often seen wandering near her tombstone, a sad figure in white. Years later, she even frightened a farmer away from harvesting his field.


Historic House

house dark

Julian retired and bought a house built in 1784 in the town of St. Genevieve, Missouri. He was recovering from a brain injury when he awoke one night. Three little old men in very old-fashioned clothes were smiling and nodding at him. He could see only the top half of them.

Julian decided they were original French settlers and had come to wish him well. He did live for many more years.


California Closet Ghost

In the 1950’s, Vera rented an apartment. The first time she opened the bedroom closet door, there was a man standing there. He was dressed in turn-of-the-century clothes and his eyes were dead and vacant.

Being religious, Vera said a prayer and hoped he would go after that. But every time she opened the closet door, there he was. Finally, she moved out. She never found out why he was in the closet.


The Ghostly Surgeon


The Romer family bought a large old house in rural Kansas. Soon they began to hear knocks, footsteps and voices. Doors opened by themselves and the house was cold. Mr. Romer tried to explain it all and reassure the family.

Then one day, Mr. Romer saw the shadow of a tall man cross the living room. The family learned that the house had belonged to a surgeon in the 1890’s. Because there was no hospital, he did surgery in the house and the patients recovered there. The Romers moved soon afterwards.


The Old People

Penny and her boyfriend Tom went rowing at sundown near Boston. Penny saw some old people sitting on a bench on the shore. She asked Tom who they were. To her surprise, Tom rowed away as quickly as possible, then explained that there was a cemetery there that was locked. No one could possibly be on the bench.

But could these stories be real? For believers in the paranormal, anything is possible.



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